All of S & D Brushworks wall paint is zero voc to insure low odor and harmful chemicals from entering your home, We take pride in protecting our customers and environment.


With S&D Brushworks Exterior painting, we provide a green product with the highest quality paints and a 5 year S & D Brushworks warranty ensuring our customers with quality and dependability.

Cabinet Refinishing

We customize every set of cabinets to the customer, we hand stain all of our cabinets for the best finish. S&D Brushworks has over 35 years in custom staining  experience in cabinet refinishing, we transform your old cabinets to a whole new look!


If your patio and deck is getting old and mossy and you're thinking it’s time to paint or stain it, then it’s time to call s&d brushworks to take your deck and patio make it new again, we take pride in our work a taking the time to scrap and prime an old worn patio cover can be time consuming and a lot of work but nothing we can not handle.

Kid Room

We love creating custom designs and finishes for kid rooms, whether its an accent wall with stripes or custom murals, S&D Brushworks will  help create that out of this world look that your kids will love.


Faux finished custom doors are one of a kind whether its painted, solid wood or fiber glass we can give your door a whole new look by using a custom staining process to create a wood look .Refinish wood doors to their natural state or create a new look with a new color.

Garage Floor Epoxy

S&D Brushworks offers high quality epoxy finishes at an affordable price using the durable Macropoxy. A true two part solvent based epoxy providing a durable  and long lasting finish.